The History of Dük Liner

Creativity and passion, two of the most vital things you need to help make a business thrive. Same holds true for Dük Liner creator, Contractor Rob Curtis. It was back in 1999 when Curtis noticed a need for more efficient and water proof products that would work for effectively for homeowners. From there, ideas were sparked in Curtis, to bring a product to the marketplace that could be more cost effective and efficient for consumers. Starting out in just his San Diego garage, became so much more for Curtis. That is when Dük Liner was born. 

Why design and engineer the Dük Liner? 

Curtis was a custom homebuilder for 30 years and saw a need for a product like Dük Liner. Wall niche and shower inserts on the market back then, and even today, were cumbersome to install! And, never guaranteed leak-proof. Always an entrepreneur, Curtis enjoyed creating and developing businesses and products. After searching, Curtis found a San Diego Manufacturer and worked closely with an engineer to design the slope on the edges, length of flange and best interior size. For Curtis, it wasn’t just selling custom wall niches straight to homeowners and consumers nationwide, he wanted to put his own seal of approval behind them, using them in his own clients homes. 

Why the name Dük Liner?

The name Dük Liner was chosen for a few reasons. One, just as the water rolls off a ducks back, the Dük Liner is a waterproof product. And of course, it lines your interior shower and bath, and that is where the name was born. For Curtis, it was also very important to have all of the materials made here in the United States and Dük Liner is manufactured right in his hometown of San Diego.  

And so the tradition continues...

Curtis didn’t go at this venture alone, he certainly had help along the way and very much as today. His daughter, Nicole Curtis Santos, is a huge part of the Dük Liner success story. Just as Dük Liner was coming to fruition, Nicole graduated college and was ready to get involved in the family business. Taking a job with her father and Dük Liner was a great opportunity for Nicole to learn not only how to start a business but also how to successfully keep one running year after year. Nicole was able to use her skills and educational background to write a business plan for Dük Liner, helping to create the amazing company it is today.

As for her time outside of Dük Liner, Nicole is a married mother of three. Family life isn’t the only thing important to Nicole as she is a member of the women’s philanthropy group, The Thursday Club. The Thursday Club is comprised of women, which combines social activities with worthwhile civic and benevolent projects. 

Dük Liner is a growing entity and the entire team is working to see that growth tick even higher. Currently, the brand sells to more than 300 retailers nationwide and is continually on the look out for additional support to move the products into more homes.  With the love and compassion for customers and the products themselves, Dük Liner’s growth leaves those involved focused on passion, costumer support and success.  

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