10 Modern Wall Niches - Design Inspiration

Ready for some modern design inspiration? Wall niches can make a big impact in all sorts of design scenarios, from living rooms to bathrooms, kitchens, and even dining areas. We scoured the web, as well as our own project archive, to bring you 10 of our favorite examples.

White Gallery Wall

Made with wall niches

While the larger niche highlights a museum-quality piece of sculpture, what caught our eye was the line of smaller niches lining the doorway. That vertical set of niches could stand on its own, even without all the other displays. It’s a great way to create a point of interest in your home, and display a small collection. This project was done by Eisner Design (photo: Image Source)

Dük Liner Recessed Shower Niche and Shave Step

Shave Step

Coupled with a recessed shampoo shelf

Here’s an example from our Dük Liner project archives. Tiled with a retro-modern look using matte white 3"x 6" vertical tile and mini 1" black hex on the floor tile, this shower uses two wall niches: One up top to provide a convenient place for shampoo and other necessaries (built with Yellow Dük Liner), and the other lower down for use as a handy shave step (built with Red Dük Liner).  Schlueter Cap in stainless, project installed by Senor Granite (San Diego).

Wall Niche as Log Slot

Less of a "Niche"

More of a "slot"

This may not be the most traditional wall niche but it’s an inspiring look nonetheless. Clean lines mix with the rough and natural shapes of the wood to create a beautiful contrast that really draws the eye. Most insets and niches are smaller and more feasible to construct (especially if built with Dük Liner wall niche inserts). This one was created by adding a separate side-wall.


Aysemmetric Wall Niches

For decorative bedroom storage

Sometimes it’s nice to break out of the traditional mold and do something a little bit different. These asymmetric wall niches, built into an outset accent wall add just the right amount of flavor (and decorative storage) to an otherwise stark interior.

Wall Niche Ideas from Dük Liner


A Wall Niche Library

A unique approach to building a recessed book shelf

Turn your book collection into an attractive and functional art collection using this unique design concept. Scattered through the living space, these niches make for a fun, interesting, and visually engaging style (even if it isn’t the most convenient library setup).

Yellow Dük Liner for Recessed Shower Wall Niche

Shower Accents

A new look for the shower niche

Another look from our Dük Liner project archives, this shower design used penny-sized tile to create an accent stripe. The Yellow Dük Liner wall niche fits in neatly, providing built-in shelf space while enhancing the look with a bit of technical sophistication.

Kitchen Niches, Image Source

Floor to Ceiling

Decorative kitchen wall niches

Who says you can’t have decorative wall niches in a modern kitchen? Certainly not us! These wide, shallow niches create artistic, museum-like light boxes that bring some color and depth to the room. Just be ready for your guests to comment on them!

Stacked Shower Wall Inserts by Dük Liner

Vertically Stacked

When space is an issue

Dük Liner recessed shower shelves create storage space that otherwise may have not been imagined. This bathroom renovation required creative applications to offer more space in very small spaces. Installation time for each Yellow Dük Liner took about 20 minutes to install between studs.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.25.03 PM.png

Bathroom Niches in Slate

Make great for lighting or planters in the bathroom

This project uses contrast to create a clean, contemporary look. The wall niches, tiled in slate along with the rest of the room, provide perfect spots to bring in some warmth with a bit of natural greenery. Project design: Stephen Fletcher Architects

Modern Wall Niche Ideas

Wall Niche Blocks

For colorful dining room backdrop

Part of a renovated Victorian residence, this project updated the home to modern standards and modern style. Contrasting nicely with the white walls and wood floor, these niches add artistic storage and bring the room to life with their striking red color. Designer: Chr DAUER Architects.