How To Install a Shower Niche

Thinking of installing a shower niche?  A shower niche, shampoo shelf, shave step, shower shelf, shower caddy, cubby, shower beer holder - whatever you want to call - is one of the most requested additions for any shower and bathroom remodel, or new bathroom construction.

You could go down the line of placement, framing, waterproofing, tiling, and other sacred hacks your mentors taught you. Sure. You can. Only if you have about 3 hours to spend on framing out the niche, installing backboard, and waterproofing. 
But time costs money....

We’re gonna show you how to install a waterproof shower niche in 20 minutes or less (before tiling) using the Dük Liner wall niches.

Step 1: Choose the ideal placement of the shower niche. If you choose an outside wall, take into careful consideration the climate in which you live. If you install a shower niche on an outside wall, you won't have much space for insulation. No one likes a cold shower.

Step 2: Determine the size and shape of your desired shower niche. A Yellow Dük Liner is perfectly square (14" x 14"). The Blue Dük Liner offers more height or width depending on how you lay out the shower niche (14' x 24'). The Red Dük Liner is perfect option for a shave step (14' x 6'), or the Green Dük Liner has an arched top (14' x 14").  


Step 3: The niche needs to be placed between two wall studs. (A) Add horizontal nailing blocks, then (B) nail the Dük Liner to the studs on it's pre-marked spots (see first image below, left).

Step 4: Install mortar board and use a bead of silicone along the edge where the board meets the Dük Liner.

Step 5: Get ready to tile! Use a generous amount of adhesive on the back wall to allow for shrinkage during the drying process. Any form of adhesive can be used. 

Wait! Did we mention waterproofing? Forget about liquid waterproofing membranes and the like, the Dük Liner shower niche is WATERPROOF. That's right, 100% guaranteed leak-proof. The Dük Liner is made of injected molded ABS plastic. You can skip waterproofing a shower niche altogether.

Step 6: Grout, tile and you have a finished niche!

It's that easy. 20 minutes or less to install a new shower niche. 

You can order more Dük Liners from your favorite local retailers. Find one here.

Thanks to Landberg Tile - Handyman DIY for this awesome little video on how easy installing a Dük Liner is! And yes, it is pronounced "DUCK - Liner" for those of you wondering.

Enjoy and happy tiling!