Master Bath by R. Fogarty Design & Tennessee Restoration

Dük Liner was pleased to provide shower niche liners to R.Fogarty Design for this Tennessee Restoration Master Bathroom renovation. Small spaces call for as much hidden storage as possible. Dük Liner shower niche (Yellow) and Dük Liner shave step (Red) not only offer extra space but an original and creative shower design. Tiling made simple with our leak-proof shower liners! Scroll below for all sourcing information on tiles, paint, hardware, and designer information (Photos by Mary Craven).

Source Information

Contractor: Tennessee Restoration Consulting
Designer: Rachel Fogarty, R. Fogarty Design
Shower Niche: Red Dukliner (Shave Step, 1), Yellow Dukliner (Shower Niche, 2)
Tile: Mission Stone and Tile (1" Carrara Marble Hexagon for all floor, 3 x 6 subway for the surround)
Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore Paper White
Toilet: Kohler
Pedestal Sink: Signature Hardware
Sink Faucet: American Standard 4" centerset
Showerhead Kit: Delta Silverton in Chrome
Mirror: Uttermost (via Ferguson)
Light fixture: Ferguson

Switching Up The Pattern

Subway tiles, subway tiles, subway tiles...the Dük Liner shower niche hasn't met any tile it does not like. Accent your shower niche by switching up the pattern! It's easy to do with our leak-proof shower niche, which can be installed (before wall tiling) in under 20 minutes. This beautiful bathroom remodel designed and installed by CBC Builds (Photos: Sarah Baker Photos).

Contractor: Clark Neely
Designer: Amanda Neely
Shower Niche: Yellow Dük Liner
Tile: Interceramic (Contour Zebrino and IC Brite White 3x6)
Hardware: Amerock in Polished Nickel
Paint: Cabinet - Benjamin Moore Cheating Heart. Wall - Benjamin Moore Simply White.
Trim - Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray
Toilet: Kohler
Faucet and shower fixture: Delta Trinsic in Matte Black
Cabinets: Woodstock Cabinets
Light fixture: Trent Austin Design (via Wayfair)


Bathroom Hacks: Add Luxury on a Small Budget

We’ve culled 8 bathroom renovation ideas (on a budget) that will add luxury to one of the most used rooms in the home - the bathroom. Our bathroom hacks will get you motivated on your next bathroom remodel, and will sure to impress your friends! 

It’s easier and more affordable than you may think to add luxury touches to your bathroom. A luxurious bathroom can give your home a stunning focal point. If you ever want to move in the future, it can also help to sell your property as bathroom remodels are a great return on investment. 

Great bathroom remodel ideas save you money, add style and luxury to your bathroom, and start your day off on the right foot. So let’s get started! Even implementing one of these ideas will make a world of difference in the bathroom!

Bathroom Hack #1 - Timeless Tile

Neutral styles tend to appeal to a broad range of people, and provide better return on investment for a bathroom renovation. The more expensive tiles are typically very taste-specific, so always choose basic and inexpensive. You can almost never go wrong with subway tiles as your base, then add accents, decor, and color. See Bathroom Hack #4 for how to add pops of color, and Bathroom Hack #2 for updating hardware, which is also a creative way to add luxury to the bathroom.

Bathroom Hack #2 - Hardware Updates

Old materials instantly date your bathroom. Take care of this easy bathroom DIY update, by purchasing new drawer pulls, new doorknobs, and new towel bars. Shower curtains and shower hooks can also transform a bathroom. When choosing a curtain you can bring in luxury with textured fabric shower curtain, or a colorful, patterned curtain against the neutral elements definitely adds some style to the room. All of this is quick, easy, and inexpensive too! Installing should be a piece of cake on your own.

Bathroom Hack #3 - Make Bathroom Clutter Free

Clutter does not equate to luxury. Incorporate some stylish (and hidden) storage into your bathroom to create a space that’s tidy and keeps personal belongings almost invisible. Vanity units are practical storage solution getting those beauty products of the sink counter. 

For the tub and shower area, no need to add shower caddies if you can install a Dük Liner shower niche. If you are going down to the studs in the shower or bathtub area, a recessed wall niche is the perfect solution to add space you never imagined was there. With 4 shapes/sizes to choose from, your clutter-free dream shower or bath can become a reality.

Rescessed Shower Shelf by Dük Liner

Bathroom Hack #4 - Add Color

If your bathroom is wee short on space, that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch with some color and patterns. Even one wall in a stylish wallpaper can add that extra “pop” you are looking for (or the shower curtain hack can work here too). Try a simple graphic pattern—such as a chevron—and the wall is now transformed into your accent piece. Or, installing the Dük Liner custom wall niche also adds additional places you can accent with colorful tiles - ceramic, porcelain, metals…the possibilities are endless!

If you are going to paint the bathroom, lighter shades make it easier to see while you’re getting ready for the day (lighter colors also trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger). If you plan to paint the bathroom ceiling, always choose a slightly lighter color than the wall color. You can easily mix the primary wall color with white paint, and Ta-da! You now have ceiling paint! (first photo: @house.becomes.home)

Bathroom Hack #5 - Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

Let there be light! There are many options for bathroom lighting. A fabulous way to bring luxury into the bathroom is to install a stunning chandelier. Large or small, a chandelier will have huge impact on the space. 

Recessed shelving is another place to fit an LED strip light, which will create subtle illumination. A great addition is also a damp-rated waterproof recessed light in the shower and tub. 

If you are staying more traditional with your lighting fixtures, swap out those fluorescent lightbulbs in the bathroom. Halogen or xenon bulbs are best near the vanity (on either side of the mirror) or directly over the sink counter..

Bathroom Hack #6 - Mirrors Make A Difference

Mirrors can make the bathroom appear larger. Hang a large, fun-shaped mirror over the vanity to add some decorative punch. Fitting a large ornate mirror with an attractive frame instead of a square or rectangular one, can instantly stylize your bathroom. For a tiny master bath, try a recessed mirror. There are plenty of affordable options at your local home improvement store for you to get creative here!

Illuminated mirrors are also perfect for adding that luxury touch. They serve a dual purpose - as a functional makeup or shaving light during the day, then dim down for a nighttime “mood lighting” effect.

Dük Liner Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Hack #7 - Install a New Sink

Your sink sees a lot of use. Get the most bang for your buck with a new contemporary sink. You can pick one of these up at your local home improvement store or order online. However, if the sink is adhered to the counter surface (such as an overmount or undercount) the counter top will also have to go, which can get expensive. If that’s not in budget, replace separate hot and cold faucets with a sleek single-handle faucet for a touch of luxury.

Bathroom Hack #8 - Install a Freestanding Bathtub

Last but not least, if do have some room in your budget (and space in the bathroom) a freestanding bathtub adds value to the home and is a stunning focal point of the bathroom. Traditional to contemporary, freestanding baths are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any bathroom. 

Making any size bathroom appear practical, tidy, and even luxurious and stylish does not have to be a daunting task. There is no need to overhaul the space! Try our bathroom hacks and send us pictures of your luxurious DIY bathroom remodel!

Visit our products page for Dük Liner specs or find a Dük Liner retailer.

The History of Dük Liner

Creativity and passion, two of the most vital things you need to help make a business thrive. Same holds true for Dük Liner creator, Contractor Rob Curtis. It was back in 1999 when Curtis noticed a need for more efficient and water proof products that would work for effectively for homeowners. From there, ideas were sparked in Curtis, to bring a product to the marketplace that could be more cost effective and efficient for consumers. Starting out in just his San Diego garage, became so much more for Curtis. That is when Dük Liner was born. 

Why design and engineer the Dük Liner? 

Curtis was a custom homebuilder for 30 years and saw a need for a product like Dük Liner. Wall niche and shower inserts on the market back then, and even today, were cumbersome to install! And, never guaranteed leak-proof. Always an entrepreneur, Curtis enjoyed creating and developing businesses and products. After searching, Curtis found a San Diego Manufacturer and worked closely with an engineer to design the slope on the edges, length of flange and best interior size. For Curtis, it wasn’t just selling custom wall niches straight to homeowners and consumers nationwide, he wanted to put his own seal of approval behind them, using them in his own clients homes. 

Why the name Dük Liner?

The name Dük Liner was chosen for a few reasons. One, just as the water rolls off a ducks back, the Dük Liner is a waterproof product. And of course, it lines your interior shower and bath, and that is where the name was born. For Curtis, it was also very important to have all of the materials made here in the United States and Dük Liner is manufactured right in his hometown of San Diego.  

And so the tradition continues...

Curtis didn’t go at this venture alone, he certainly had help along the way and very much as today. His daughter, Nicole Curtis Santos, is a huge part of the Dük Liner success story. Just as Dük Liner was coming to fruition, Nicole graduated college and was ready to get involved in the family business. Taking a job with her father and Dük Liner was a great opportunity for Nicole to learn not only how to start a business but also how to successfully keep one running year after year. Nicole was able to use her skills and educational background to write a business plan for Dük Liner, helping to create the amazing company it is today.

As for her time outside of Dük Liner, Nicole is a married mother of three. Family life isn’t the only thing important to Nicole as she is a member of the women’s philanthropy group, The Thursday Club. The Thursday Club is comprised of women, which combines social activities with worthwhile civic and benevolent projects. 

Dük Liner is a growing entity and the entire team is working to see that growth tick even higher. Currently, the brand sells to more than 300 retailers nationwide and is continually on the look out for additional support to move the products into more homes.  With the love and compassion for customers and the products themselves, Dük Liner’s growth leaves those involved focused on passion, costumer support and success.  

Contact us for product or press inquiries. Visit our products section for spec information, or find a retailer direct by clicking here. Thank you for choosing Dük Liner!