Common FAQ's


What are the advantages of using this product?
Dük Liner™ saves labor, turning a three hour burdensome project into a 20-minute task. In addition, Dük Liner™ will prevent call backs due to leaks.

How long does the installation typically take? 
Approximately 20 minutes.

Do I have to drill pilot holes on the flange?
No, simply mount the liner with galvanized nails. We provide starter indentations to prevent the nail from slipping; these do not have to be drilled through.

Does the interior of Dük Liner have to be lined with paper or backer board?
No, you tile directly onto the liner surface.

Is the Dük Liner specifically designed as a bathroom niche? 
While the Dük Liner™ is ideally suited for bathroom installations, contractors have found a variety of uses for the Dük Liner™.  They include recessed hose bibs, uniform niches for artwork, pictures, and collectibles, irrigation valve and control panels; use your imagination.